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and police used force to remove these protesters and the "tester say they're ready for that. >> i just lay down, peaceful resistance. some >> there is a fine line between defending yourself and being seen as being aggressive. besides that, these people are very peaceful. >> the occupied oakland encampment started october 10th with a few hundred people sleeping here. oakland says that the area has gone down hill. many people in the area say that these violations can be corrected. the bottom line is that they're not leaving. >> it is about hearing our point of view this not a violent situation. >>reporter: live in oakland i am dahlin with kron4 news. >>reporter: well over 1000 people joined the occupied oakland movement organizers sought to broaden the appeal of a movement that is expanding to cities across the nation. >> to the workers that are unemployed, to the housewives and the underpay workers, retirees and students, those that are about to lose their homes to those that will not have a home we are organizing to fight in the street, and the communities and in the schools and workpl
department to confess their frustration. they believe officers used excessive force. some protesters say that they planned to occupy the mayor's office tomorrow. they say that they will occupy that office and to get medical supplies back because they say officers actually confiscated medical supplies during tuesday's crackdown. we have another report coming up at 830. >>vicki: some protesters are worried that what happened in oakland overshadowed the issues. >>reggie: many residents feel that the violin clashed firm was unnecessary. they say that the police only added more steam to the movement and are upset with the mayor >> i feel what happened tuesday only made things stronger. we are the sixth most dangerous city in the nation. right now she has not exercised leadership in the 10 months that she has been in the position of mayor. make a decision and stick with your decision. >> i think she should be recalled. i think she is incompetent. she does not understand how to run this city. i actually voted for her. i feel that she is a strong figure for our city. >>vicki: alajandra cerball t
the passing of al davis, his presence lives on i. >> we honestly believe the cause was with us today. i believe that wholeheartedly. he would be happy that we won the game. >>vicki: fans were gathered at the headquarters to pay tribute, once the game started, many of the silver and black were at ricky's sports bar in san leandro. >>nichole: nearly 300 fans rallied at ricky's sports bar to watch the raiders beat the houston texas and to pay tribute fee to the team's late owner, al davis. >> this is a good time for raider nation to get together and hub, and try, do whatever we have to do. --this is a good time for their raider nation to get together and hug or cry, do whatever we have to do. >> generations of raiders fans were here, is decked out in silver and black. one moves remains empty, to honor davis. >> he is gone. al davis and remembereare presented everythii believe it. >> he is going to be extremely mess. all i can say is out davis is the mahomet all the of football. i will miss him immensely. >> these fans cheered 132 victory. >>vicki: maureen kelly spoke with people about what
in at least 47 u.s. cities and canada las vegas next year. >> amanda knox will be fighting for her freedom. she will be speaking to an italian appeals court. if tonight-- >> she is accused of killing her british from eight in italy. >> is poised to beat the speech of for like the last chance to convince this italian court to set her free. >> is she ready? >> i believe she is. she has been thinking about this for three months and it will be truly heartfelt and hopefully it will go over well. >> the american exchange student was convicted in 2009 with our italian boy friend. of killing a 21 year-old british roommate. the body of meredyth kercher was found drenched in blood. there was dna evidence connecting amanda knox to the crime. they also spotted shocking kissing deemed " callous ". and satanic origen rumors of satanic rituals possibly explaining the throat slashed of the british were made. >> throughout this murder appeal she seemed pale and distressed and the parents say that she can hardly sleep. she's anxious to learn her fate. >> sweat equity a whole new meaning. how people in washi
. the cause is yet to be revealed. here to talk to us about the imprint that davis left in football, of vern glenn. >>vern: there will never be another guy like him. if you love him, great. if you hated him, he did not care. all he cared was that you loved the oakland raiders. it stayed built a mt. rushmore of ever want to say to the nfl, he would be there. >>vicki: would he be front and center? vern >> and let's take a look back at al davis. a pioneer in professional football, he had been in the raiders organization since 1972. long before that, he was the days of the franchise if as coach and head of full operations. in 1963, he took over a franchise that had previously won only nine days in three seasons. he was the nfl coach of the year. after serving as afl commissioner in 1966, he returned to oakland. their raiders became the most successful team and all of professional sports from 1967-1985. >> this was our finest hour, the finest hour in the history of the oakland raiders. >>vern: the team won three super bowls. his favorite word was dominate. it was not enough to win. the team thriv
out. >>pam: after the safety summit some residents told us what they thought of the new plan. >> if this is going to work we need parents in the community involved not just people and the higher authority. >> i am hoping that people oakland like me come down on city council and the mayor to make them i got these new programs that oakland wants to put forward. >> i think this is a continuation of what has already pre existed and this is a very poor attempt to make a picture that really does not focus at all. it is not a plan that makes any difference at all. >>pam: residents also learn how they can get involved in such programs like a neighborhood watch, maturing children and self protection training. >> today we have a couple ladies and elsewhere we're in the '70s around the bay area with some high clouds today the temperature is right about 10 degrees to 20 degrees cooler in some spots. for tonight the high clouds that we have seen you see them over the bay bridge-sunset, these will the can into tomorrow morning and could produce a few sprinkles or showers for tomorrow m
that men were sitting outside of this in and out burger when a man used a large framed revolvers to shoot several rounds. >>vicki: a fatal officer involved shooting in san jose at an apartment complex on the 400 block of worser cabinet. officers are responding to reports of an armed man acting suspiciously. one officer felt threatened by the man and opened fire. this is the sixth officer involved shooting in san jose this year. officer >> being an officer is ages feel at this point. it seems that nationwide, people are more aggressive towards officers. >>vicki: police say, they will not say what kind of weapon the victim had. >>vicki: fists police are still looking for the person or persons responsible at the shooting death of a hell's angel member. police believe the crime scene has been tampered with. they estimate that 4000 people attended the service yesterday. maureen kelly has more on the checkered past of the man who was killed. >>maureen: this was the sergeant at arms at the santa cruz division of the hell's angel. he is familiar with the the criminal- justice system. in 1997 and
a weather balloon with points? yes, i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] write your story with the citi thankyou premier card, with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at thankyoucard.citi.com. >> vicki: for the latest on decision 2012, the economy top the agenda for both the president and gop hopefuls. some of the presidential candidates took his stage and i know what others campaigned in this house. >> the unemployment rate, the nation's debt, and the occupy wall street protest all connected to one thing, the economy. president barak obama says that he has a plan to reenergize the economy but will not be a quick fix. >> america is better off when everyone had the chance to get a head not just those of the very top of the income scale. the more americans who prosper, the more america prosperous. >>reporter: the president spoke about a policy helping homeowners refinance their mortgage and
. the hall was shot with a male gun. joining us now is rebecca from wild rescue. she helped to save the hall. how is the bird? >> we are getting word from the wildlife center of silicon valley that it is doing well. the bird knocked the nail on of its head, there was no other trauma. >>vicki: who would do such a thing? >> we do not think it was an accident. it was a nail from a nail gun. >>vicki: did it go very far in? how long had a bit out there with the hail in its head? >> it has been out there for almost two weeks. we were notified a week ago about the birds condition. we are from monterrey. we came to help with the animal. >>vicki: is this a protected species? >> yes. there are quite a few in the bay area. >>vicki: is there a reward to try to find he did this? >> a couple of people stepped up offer reward money. $10,000 a leading to the conviction of the person or persons responsible. >>vicki: is this the first incident of its kind? >> this is the first on the we have seen a nail in a bird, but we have seen other projectile injuries. >>brian: here is a live the view of san francisco. t
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9